[nycbug-talk] Lab environment

Pete Wright pete
Thu May 20 21:30:27 EDT 2004

Sunny Dubey wrote:

>with different implementations and such.  The more heterogeneous clients are 
>the more "real world" the simulated load will be.  ie:  Sambe<->Samba is 
>supposed to be much faster than Samba<->Windows, so clearly there is 
>something more going on.
i agree.  altho i've seen benchmarks, and even personally, samba boxes 
beat out win 2k, in connection response time and throughput.  this may 
not be true with 2k3 servers and xp tho.

>I don't think optimizations are not cheating in anyway because in any real 
>world usage you wanna be able to get the most out of your money.
yea exactly, man tuning for FreeBSD for example.

>PS:  can this list be setup to default on reply to list.  This way we can 
>all just hit reply and keep chatting.  I find CC'ing the person and the 
>list to be annoying.
there was a thread regarding this behaviour back in jan or feb.  it's 
not in my archives tho, maybe someone else remembers...


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