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Jan Schaumann jschauma
Fri May 21 10:50:03 EDT 2004

[last post on this topic by me:]

Reply-to-munging is not a good idea because it can lead to highly
undesriable results:  a private email intended for a single recipient
accidentally sent to the mailing list, thusly public for all to see and
even archived on the web for all eternity (for sufficiently low values
of ``eternity'').

The other way around, the worst case scenario is that an email that was
intended to be public remains private.  This can easily be fixed by
resending the mail to the list.  (The other way around, it's not
possible to fix.)

Therefore, the list should attempt to ``err'' on the side of caution and
privacy and not munge reply-to.

QED.  :)


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