[nycbug-talk] eurobsdcon

Chris Coleman chrisc
Sun May 23 21:45:17 EDT 2004

I sometimes have a hard time making people realize or remember how 
different things were when they first started out.  In Korea they have 
a saying: "The frog forgets it was a tadpole."  In BSD this means that 
older admins forget how much they didn't know when they started out.

So, new users don't feel like they can contribute anything and old 
admins think everyone already knows anything they could possibly 
contribute.  So we have to convince both old and new BSD users that 
they have something worth while to contribute to BSD.

Basically, if you are using BSD in some way that isn't currently 
documented at Daemon News, then we would like an article explaining how 
you did it.  It doesn't matter how trivial you think the explanation is 
I can guarantee someone else will appreciate it.

And if they don't feel they can write, we can never seem to get enough 
help html formatting and proofreading the articles that come in.

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