[nycbug-talk] NYCLAB?

Pete Wright pete
Tue May 25 10:45:02 EDT 2004

Isaac Levy wrote:

> Hi All,
> On May 24, 2004, at 11:32 PM, G.Rosamond wrote:
>>>> Since most of the initial testing wont require any real b/w it will 
>>>> not be a serious problem. once the machines are aquired and setup 
>>>> then  we will define the experiments, and grant remote access.
>>> yea i totally agree!
>> Onsite is probably a better deal, since we can pull others around, 
>> and make it a collective learning experience, IMO.
> I'm gonna have to say I got into this in the first place to be able to 
> physically meet as a team and pull something off- that's almost worth 
> more to me in learning/sharing than the actual results of the testing 
> IMHO (all the subtle stuff...)
> Rocket-
> .ike
shoot i kinda agree with everyone here...maybe i should clarify.  i 
think the initial setup should be a install/hack fest type thing.  we 
can set these boxen up and also have folks interested/new to bsd bring a 
machine with them and we all, as a user-group, can help them out.  or 
people can just come by and hang out etc...   
    altho, once we get everything installed and running smoothly...i 
think it may be beneficial to have some organization as to who is using 
the lab and when.  i figure with the testing, most of it can happen 
remotely from the servers/workstations (assuming that each server has 2 
nic's, one for internet one for a the lab LAN).  this way we do not have 
to NOC to run/develop our tests, people can pretty much get togther 
anywhere to access the lab.

what do you all think, is this lab even going to be a long term setup?  
are we going to have multiple tests running on this setup?  if this 
works i think we would have a pretty nice setup...


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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