[nycbug-talk] Help!!! (server problems...)

Paul Cui ycui
Mon May 24 15:08:20 EDT 2004

don't forget to check your power supply. I had a machine used to reboot 
itself for no obvious reason.. I checked everything except the power supply.
and finally, a co-worker told me to check power supply. and that was the 
problem. -Paul

On Monday 24 May 2004 10:21 am, Kit Halsted wrote:
> Hey, NYCBUG folks:
> I'm having some problems with one of my servers & I'm running out of
> ideas on how to fix it. It's an Athlon 1.8GHz box running OpenBSD 3.3
> & it crashes every few days. Lately, it doesn't want to come back up.
> Nothing in the logs & it doesn't seem to be crashing under load, just
> losing power once in a while for no apparent reason. It was happening
> around 6:30-7:00 AM at first, but it died some time after 6:00 PM &
> before 1:30 AM yesterday. Nothing in the logs seems to point to
> hardware, losing power seems to point to the power supply, but it's
> still happening with a brand new 480W Antec PS...
> Basically, all I can think to do is replace the motherboard at this
> point. I'm wondering:
> 1. if anyone can think of anything else that might be responsible for
> these problems &
> 2. if anybody can suggest a good place in the city to pick up a new
> Socket-A mobo.
> Thanks,
> -Kit
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