[nycbug-talk] change sendmail port from 25 to something else

Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz
Mon Nov 1 11:56:08 EST 2004

>>Hi All
>>i wanted to run sendmail on some other port than 25 since optimumonline 
>>blocks it , and i dont want to use their relay to send my emails.
>>how do i change the  sendmail port ?
>>where do i have to look for it ? 
> http://www.sendmail.org/faq/section3.html#3.39

A few things
1) Are you just looking to have your own email proxy to connect to the 
outside world, or do you want to receive mail?
2) Have you considered why optimumonline might be blocking inbound port 
25? (Like, they don't want people running "servers" on the end of 
"residential"/"noncommercial" lines, or they don't want to run spam 
reflectors on the end of their broadband connections?)
(I have optimum online at home and am not aware that they block outbound 
port 25, maybe that's changed recently and I never noticed...)

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