[nycbug-talk] freebsd 5.3 same ports multiple machines

marco at metm.org marco
Tue Nov 2 11:04:48 EST 2004

I haven't found the answer probably because I'm not searching for the
right terms. And cause I am a newbie :)

I have several laptops which don't have ethernet adaptors which I am
using as video playback devices, basically I need mplayer which depends
on about a dozen ports.  And there are some libraries I have to get
built first or it seems that mplayer doesn't build for them.

So I built mplayer on a box which is connected to the net, I got the
correct distfiles downloaded, etc.  made a tarball of /usr/ports burned
that onto a CD and untarred on the first laptop.  Problem is that when I
went into the freshly untarred ports tree, it considered everything
already installed.  ( I banged around with some make cleans and finally
got everything that I needed installed, but was thinking there is
probably a solution for this)

Anyway, so what I have is a bunch of ports working on machine one and I
want to have the same ports installed on machine two.  I am guessing
there is an elegant BSDish solution to do this but I can't find it.

portupgrade doesn't seem to be the right tool, cause it looks to cvsup
the ports tree first, but perhaps I haven't looked a portupgrade enough.

Thanks for any pointers,


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