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Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz
Tue Nov 2 11:39:35 EST 2004

wups, I sent this to sender instead of to list; my bad.

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Mikel King wrote:
> Jerry B. Altzman wrote:
>> Mikel King wrote:
>>> I know somewhere down the line I'll regret this but...Assuming that 
>>> you are running FreeBSD you should be able to do the following;
>> Very nice -- however, here's the question.
>> If you're using sendmail as your mail submission agent (to thence send 
>> out mail) all well and good.
>> If you're trying to receive mail on it from, it ain't gonna work right.
> Right you are, but if Optimumonline is indeed blocking inbound port 25 
> then it really isn't an issue.

Indeed, they block that and port 80 too, last time I checked.
The idea, and I support it, is to prevent people with
grossly-misconfigured sendmails at the end of a broadband line from
being 0wnz0r3d and used as spam-reflectors/magnifiers.

>> Why can't he just use the smtp servers from optimum online?
> Yes why not? I suppose if one wanted to have their own sasl enabled smtp 
> engine for their treo600 or some other silly pda type dev. That would be 
> reason enough, especialy if the ISP does block inbound 25. If this were 
> the reason then I suppose point two wouldn't matter that much. But of 
> course this is all just speculation.

If he's using secure stuff, it's not on port 25 anyway, so nothing lost.
But as Trish pointed out, many places blacklist direct submissions from
dynamic IP blocks (and just about everything in 24/8 is someone's
broadband :-) he might find less mail getting out than he hoped.

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