[nycbug-talk] change sendmail port from 25 to something else

Az lists
Tue Nov 2 18:12:15 EST 2004

Sorry guys, i did not pay attention from the beggining to the situation. 
After reading Mikel King's reply i understood that i have to ask my 
hostprovider to change the ports to someother one first.
sorry for inconvinience

     >I know somewhere down the line I'll regret this but...Assuming
    that you are running FreeBSD you should >be able to do the following;

     >In /etc/mail you will find a lot of neat info regarding mc and cf
    files. copy the freebsd.mc to ><HOSTNAME>.mc and add/modify the
    following line:
     >DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=nn, Name=MTA') DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=587,
    Name=MSA, M=E')
     >Remember to change nn to whatever port you'd like to run on...

     >Now  run 'make cf' which will build your new <HOSTNAME>.cf but not
    install it as such. For that you >must run 'make install' and HUP
    your daemon.

     >You can read more about this stuff @:

     >Also please take the time to read the Makefile in /etc/mail as
    these directions are different for each >version of sendmail and fBSD.

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