[nycbug-talk] freebsd 5.3 top story on /.

mikel king mikel.king
Sun Nov 7 11:32:20 EST 2004

Freeman, Joshua wrote:

> well, the release of 5.3 has top billing on /. as of 8:05 tonight.
> :-)
> Now if I can figure out how to safely upgrade my 4.10 stable box to 
> 5.3 stable!
> :-)
> J.
> Joshua S. Freeman
> Director, Information Technology, NYBG
> v: 718 817 8937 m: 347 392 2560
> jfreeman at nybg dot org
Well for starters that all depends on if you want ufs2 or not, another 
issue stems from the design changes to the boot and startup of the 
machine as relating to the changes in etc. My guess is that you will 
want to travel that wonderfull path of least resistance because, you are 
talking about a major rev upgrade. Well the most headache free route to 
upgrade 4.x to 5.x. is to first backup everything, second back it up 
again and while your at it just to be safe during the moment when your 
making another cup of coffee and you're dotting the I's and crossing the 
T's, I suggest you backup again. Especially ALL of your third party apps 
config files and your data of course. Then install from scratch via ftp 
or cd (iso)  the 5.x blasting everything in sight. Then reinstall all of 
those apps from the ports, and using those backups I may have mentioned 
earlier you'll restore your data, and old configs. Although you can 
usually just drop in the old configs and run with it I only recommend 
that if the version of the apps is exactly the same. Other wise just use 
the old configs as reference for setting up the newly re-installed apps.

I know this may sound like quite a bit of work, and actually it is, but 
I've found that cvsup for instance is best to be used while you are 
within the realm of the same major rev, otherwise you'll spend long and 
rather exhausting hours wroking through mergmaster to update you old etc 
to the new etc format. Of course if you happen to have another machine 
to perform a parallel upgrade on, you could do it at you leasure and as 
well as enjoy little to no down time.

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