[nycbug-talk] New box is killing me

Dan Casey dcasey
Sun Nov 7 13:51:03 EST 2004

> Look around when in BIOS, there could be that you need to
> enable/change something else when you enable hyperthreading. Sometimes
> there is also a OS option, with choices like Windows, Linux, SCO,
> other, and so on. Try using Linux, or other, or if not, try them
> all, while also enabling hyperthreading in FreeBSD kernel. There might
> be more CPU options also, and maybe a particular combination will make
> the OS work fine.

I'll have to give this a try when i get home. I didn't play around in the
BIOS too much, but i do recall seeing that on other motherboards.

> I also remember that to enable hyperthreading you need to comment out
> two lines, one smp and one a few lines below, but this might be for 4.x
> series, or maybe I'm mixing it all up.

I googled this one. It appears that SMP is enabled by default since 5.2 :-)

> > Since my last message I've compiled a GENERIC kernel, but with the SMP
> > commented out. Now that "C" column is missing like I'm used to. Also
when I
> > shut down (or reboot) I don't get kernel errors. It gets past the
> > disks part without any errors (waits on 1 buffer 3 times), then
> > It gets up to the part where it says Uptime <time> and then locks up
> > any error messages. Still not sure what to do about all this.
> This doesn't sound related to the first (hyperthreading) problem.
> Maybe something with the RAID itself, or the driver.. Try stress
> testing the RAID from the OS to see if it locks up there also.

The raid is not physically in the computer at the moment. This is just a
single hdd for now.

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