[nycbug-talk] backup server?

pete wright pete
Sun Nov 7 18:21:42 EST 2004

hey ya'll thought i'd post this as a rfc type thing.  i've prolly gone 
for too long w/o a home backup solution, which is kinda bad expecially 
considering i try to help out on the bacula lists when i have time.  so 
i'm asking around what you all have going on.  i'm kinda cheep when it 
comes to electricity ($$ wise and environmentally) so i've been leaning 
to getting an older intel type system or possibly an older sun.  (think 
those consume less power than my current dual athlon workstation and 
dual G4 mac workstation).

question with the sun's, any comments on running a spark with a dds tape 
drive on FreeBSD.  i've found this (which prolly doesn't save me much 
power, but it could double up as a mp3/avi NAS:


anyone have a similar setup running on sun gear i should keep my eyes 
open for?


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