[nycbug-talk] Good Citizen?

Pastor Mac macuser
Sun Nov 7 20:26:56 EST 2004

Hello all--

I'm thinking of writing a piece for a buddy of mine that runs a 
Mac-centric website (for the morbidly curious see <www.lowendmac.com>) 
about the new 5.3 release.  Specifically, I'd like to get some 
perspective on how much cross pollination is ongoing between the BSD 
community and Darwin development.  I don't want to trigger a flame fest 
but I'm interested in hearing if Apple is simply sucking up other 
people's work or if Apple's developers are truly opening up and 
participating in the open source community.

As a side note, I'm not a coder although I'm loosely conversant in the 
languages.  So I ask that you please be kind to this humble supplicant 
in analysis of your chosen field of expertise:-)

Pastor Mac

Grace is when life itself is more than good enough.
						--Garrison Keillor

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