[nycbug-talk] Spam probes

Francisco Reyes lists
Tue Nov 9 11:30:52 EST 2004

Yesterday started to look at Pyzor (http//pyzor.sourceforge.net).
Basically it depends on spams been sent to a spam probe account and then 
when the same spams go to real accounts they are discarded.

Anyone got any good/quick ways to get into spammers lists? :-)
I am thinking posting to some of the "test" newsgrops with my spamprobe 

This is not my only spam detection mechanism, but wondering how this would 
work. Currently using popfile and a challenge response service.

I like most the challenge response system (using http://mailblocks.com), 
but even after upgrading to the 100MB rate sometimes I get close to the 
limit (with only 8 days worth of spam). The killer are the "catch all" 
addresses for several domains. Those get the most spam.

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