[nycbug-talk] Re: Spam probes

a nice bug nycbug
Tue Nov 9 11:45:32 EST 2004

Dan Langille:
> On Tue, 9 Nov 2004, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> > Yesterday started to look at Pyzor (http//pyzor.sourceforge.net).
> > Basically it depends on spams been sent to a spam probe account and then
> > when the same spams go to real accounts they are discarded.
> >
> > Anyone got any good/quick ways to get into spammers lists? :-)
> Put the email address on a webpage.

True - for example, put a couple postings or furniture sales on
Craigslist.org and give it about 24-48 hours, if that. It's not even
hardly safe to try to obfuscate addresses any more, they still get
picked up, since spammers' harvesting scripts seem to have a
mind-boggling understanding of linguistics and word construction
these days. Smart enough to always skip the anonimized addresses on
craigslist too, from what I can tell..


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