[nycbug-talk] Re: Spam probes

a nice bug nycbug
Tue Nov 9 17:53:46 EST 2004

Bob Ippolito:
> % echo "galis.org" | python -c "print ''.join([('&#%d;' % ord(c)) for c 
> in raw_input()])"
> galis.org


egads ... Perl!!

echo 'nycbug at hastek.com' |perl -e 'do { s/(.)/"&#".ord($1).";"/eg; print; } while <STDIN>;'

ok, ok, just kidding don't want to start a flame war...

Pedantically speaking:) both Python and Perl will print any 2-digit
code without the leading zero, even though the proper codeset I
believe, has leading zeros..  e.g., .

Incidentally I don't believe this stops the harvesting of email
addresses from page sources ..


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