[nycbug-talk] Spam probes

Kevin Reiter tux
Tue Nov 9 18:44:46 EST 2004

: woah! this one is a little simpler....
: http://www.wbwip.com/wbw/emailencoder.html

Yeah, I've seen that one before, but you can easily write a script to
decipher/decode/dewhatever it, whereas the other one I mentioned is a javascript
and is a little more, ah, challenging to figure out, which makes it harder for
bots to recognize with all the other scripts embedded in HTML.  Not only that, but
you don't need to call attention to it by preceding it with the "mailto:" tag,
making it harder for the bots to find amongst the rest of the code.

...plus the one I found is way cooler than the one you found :P

Seriously though, since I've been using that, I have yet to receive a single spam
on any of the addresses I've encoded with it, compared to other addresses
(spamtraps) I've mingled in with them.

Of course, since I said that, I'll be flooded tomorrow morning...


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