[nycbug-talk] Procmail recipe

Francisco Reyes lists
Thu Nov 11 19:26:02 EST 2004

Anyone familiar with procmail recipies?
Working on my first procmail recipe, but doesn't seem to be working.

In particular the first part (spam check with pyzor) works and was pretty 
much copied from an example. The part I am trying to add is the "report 
known bad words" part.


# Spam check with Pyzor
:0 Wc : /home/mailuser/.pyzor/pyzor-check.lock
| /usr/local/bin/pyzor check
:0 a

#Report known bad words
:0 Wc : /home/mailuser/.pyzor/pyzor-subject.lock
* ^Subject:.*(rolex|test1)
| /usr/local/bin/pyzor report

The procmail log part for the second sections is:

procmail: Match on "^Subject:.*(rolex|test1)"
procmail: Locking "/home/mailuser/.pyzor/pyzor-subject.lock"
procmail: Executing "/usr/local/bin/pyzor,report"
procmail: Non-zero exitcode (1) from "/usr/local/bin/pyzor"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=/usr/local/bin/pyzor report"
procmail: Unlocking "/home/mailuser/.pyzor/pyzor-subject.lock"
procmail: Skipped "/home/mailuser/mail/subject_spam"
procmail: Bypassed locking "/var/mail/mailuser.lock"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=/var/mail/mailuser"
procmail: Opening "/var/mail/mailuser"
procmail: Acquiring kernel-lock
procmail: Notified comsat: "mailuser at 536:/var/mail/mailuser"
>From lists at natserv.com  Thu Nov 11 18:07:42 2004
  Subject: test1 pm test
   Folder: /var/mail/mailuser

The message doesn't get copied to /home/mailuser/mail/subject_spam
Also tried
#Report known bad words
:0 Wc : /home/mailuser/.pyzor/pyzor-subject.lock
* ^Subject:.*(rolex|test1)
| /usr/local/bin/pyzor report
:0 a

but that did not seem to help either.

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