[nycbug-talk] *BSD Kiosk

Marc Spitzer mspitzer
Fri Nov 12 21:07:31 EST 2004

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 20:54:23 -0500, G. Rosamond <george at sddi.net> wrote:
> So Marco's question about automatic logins and X was really about
> building a *BSD kiosk. . .
> Anyone have any experiences with doing bsd kiosks?
> I'm starting my google search now. . .Freshports show nothing. . .

look at what xdm, or one of its successors does for how to start
an app with out logging in, smells like an init script and a
program to do the mechanics of getting it started.  Kick it off in a
jail and 'su'
to a non root user and it should be reasonably safe.  For extra points
each reboot
rebuild the jail dir and use mtree to check the files and ajust the permissions.

> Freshmeat shows three projects that aren't too relevant for the
> stand-alone OS. . .
> It might be useful to put together some documentation and submit to the
> documentation projects. . . Marc, it might be time for your wiki, or a
> cvs server. . .

let me get my uber news server mods done first, whole lot going on at
work right now.


> g
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