[nycbug-talk] *BSD Kiosk

Bob Ippolito bob
Sat Nov 13 08:53:46 EST 2004

On Nov 13, 2004, at 2:54 AM, G. Rosamond wrote:

> So Marco's question about automatic logins and X was really about 
> building a *BSD kiosk. . .
> Anyone have any experiences with doing bsd kiosks?
> I'm starting my google search now. . .Freshports show nothing. . .
> Freshmeat shows three projects that aren't too relevant for the 
> stand-alone OS. . .
> It might be useful to put together some documentation and submit to 
> the documentation projects. . . Marc, it might be time for your wiki, 
> or a cvs server. . .

For the last Kiosk project I was involved with, Linux had to be used 
due to lack of drivers for the proprietary serial touchscreen and USB 
barcode scanner for *BSD.  It sucked.  I would've loved to use NetBSD 
or the like instead, but the hardware was not a parameter we could 
change in that case.


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