[nycbug-talk] TERRORISTS WIN!

Bob Ippolito bob
Sun Nov 14 05:38:27 EST 2004

Writing from Vilnius, Lithuania here..

I stopped by a store called Maxima today, which is sort of like a 
Wal-Mart plus grocer.  On the magazine rack there is a magazine called 
HAKERIS with a huge FreeBSD daemon on it, that says TERRORISTS WIN! on 
the cover.  It also says BSD ISTORIJA and SAUGESNIS FREEBSD.  I have no 
idea what any of that means, but I had to pick it up.  I'll bring it to 
the next post-party meeting.

BTW:  George, if you need any Polish vodka, let me know what to get 
because I can pick some up duty free at the airport in Warsaw on my way 


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