[nycbug-talk] Holiday Party status

G. Rosamond george
Tue Nov 16 23:07:35 EST 2004

As everyone should know by now. . . the plans for the New York 
Technical Community Holiday Party are moving full steam ahead.

It looks like it is going to be quite an event.  The RSVP list is 
almost 300, with a good array of people, from firms such as Yahoo, 
Goldman, Bloomberg, IBM, Tishman, AIG, etc.  Sponsors include CMP 
Publishing, O'Reilly, Pilosoft, our own Kevin's Penguin Netwerx.  There 
are others, but I don't have the full list. . .

We (actually Jeff Knight, who did our NYCBUG logo) just created the 
logo, which can be downloaded here. . .


And the official site should be up tonight or tomorrow at 
http://www.nytchp.com.  The current info is at 

We will be needing to assemble volunteers at some point, to take care 
of onsite tasks. . .

And again, if you haven't RSVPd yet, do it now. . .we will have to cut 
off the list at some point soon, and only those on the list will be 
notified of the location and allowed in.


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