[nycbug-talk] Hardware Recommendation

Dave Steinberg dave-dated-1101313969.a1a457
Wed Nov 17 11:32:25 EST 2004

>>> I prefer IBM laptops.  You can find some from a couple years ago for 
>>> this price on ebay.  The benefits are that it's light, quiet, and it 
>>> has a built in UPS.
>> And, they're only 1u!
>> Imagine a rack *full* of them!

The only trouble is the heat.  From what I've heard (and I've never 
tried, but people on openbsd-misc have discussed it) since the laptops 
aren't really designed to run closed, they overheat badly, shortening 
their MTBF.

Could be wrong, just passing along what I've heard. :)

Dave Steinberg

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