[nycbug-talk] Some Soekris things. . .

pete at nomadlogic.org pete
Wed Nov 17 17:01:55 EST 2004

> * Zoran Perkov <zperkov at gmail.com> [2004-11-17 13:00:12 -0500]:
>> any plans for the next round of purchases??? I'm all in.
> Just curious, I wasn't around when the first round of purchases (or the
> Soekris presentation for that matter) was made. So, some questions...
> How many units did you buy Was everyone satisfied with their purchase?
> Apart from firewalling/routing, is anyone doing anything funky with
> their boxes?
if memory serves me correctly (which i hope it does since i was in charge
of the last order) we ordered 5 units, there is a break at 2-4 then 5-19
and so on.  i would check the site for current pricing.  i love my soekris
box for two (main) reasons:

1)it is low power and does it's job very well running OBSD/pf

2)used it a tool to teach myself the internals of pxebooting and network
install's.  (which i will hopefully put to good use on render farms in the

I'd say there is a pretty high level of experience w/ these boxen on the
list so i'm sure others will reply and be more than willing to help out.


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