[nycbug-talk] Which BSD?

pete at nomadlogic.org pete
Thu Nov 18 21:29:49 EST 2004

OK folks, I don't know if you all remember the thread I started recently
regarding getting a machine to act as backup/nas for my house.  Anyway,
I've got my hands on a Sun Ultra5.  I first plan on putting Solaris 10 on
it to check out some of the cool new debuggin stuff I've heard about it.
     But eventually it'll be time to get to business so, does anyone have
an opinion on which BSD has better support for the UltraSparc
chip/Sun hardware?  As of now I'm leaning towards FreeBSD 5.x, but
I'm sure we all have our own opinions on why I would/wouldn't want to
do that.


Pete Wright
email:  pete at nomadlogic.org
mobile: 917.415.9866
web:    www.nomadlogic.org/~pete

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