[nycbug-talk] Which BSD?

pete at nomadlogic.org pete
Thu Nov 18 22:25:09 EST 2004

> On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 06:29:49PM -0800, pete at nomadlogic.org wrote:
>> OK folks, I don't know if you all remember the thread I started recently
>> regarding getting a machine to act as backup/nas for my house.  Anyway,
>> I've got my hands on a Sun Ultra5.  I first plan on putting Solaris 10
>> on
>> it to check out some of the cool new debuggin stuff I've heard about it.
> Solaris runs slow on such hardware, any BSD will be better and more fun.
>>      But eventually it'll be time to get to business so, does anyone
>> have
>> an opinion on which BSD has better support for the UltraSparc
>> chip/Sun hardware?  As of now I'm leaning towards FreeBSD 5.x, but
>> I'm sure we all have our own opinions on why I would/wouldn't want to
>> do that.
> Not sure, because of my great bias I can offer no good advice.
> Pick the one you like the best, and see if it runs good enough for you
> on this hardware platform.

Ahh, it seems that you all have seen through my thinly vailed attempt at
starting a flame fest on talk@ ;)  On a more serious note, I will probably
install Net/Open and Free on this box and hopefully report my results back
to the list (maybe for inclusion on our library).


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