[nycbug-talk] Firefox release party and NYC tech community

G. Rosamond george
Sat Nov 20 14:15:46 EST 2004

A couple of us made the Firefox release party. . .

I heard about it last minute, and unfortunately didn't know early 
enough to put out on annouce-nycbug.

It wasn't packed (and it wasn't a free open bar either <g>), but there 
was a good number of people I know well or distantly know in the user 
group community in NYC.

Nothing particularly interesting about Firefox/Mozilla mentioned in any 
discussion I had, in case anyone is curious.  Besides Lynx and Firefox, 
what other browsers are there anyway? ;-)

The organizer mentioned to me that he wanted to get techs in NYC 
together at a club or bar on a monthly basis, purely social motive.  
Not a bad idea, and something that I will post if I hear any more 
details about.

Many people I talked to know about the NYTC Holiday Party on Dec 15. . 
.which is a good sign.

There's some well-funded Debian distro Ubuntu out now, and spoke to one 
of the developers about it and package systems (what do you usually 
talk to Debian people about anyway?).  For anyone interested it's at 

Next time I'll be clued into these types of events sooner, so I'll pass 
the word on. . .



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