[nycbug-talk] the Apple Store . . .

Charles Sprickman spork
Sat Nov 20 14:31:08 EST 2004

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Sunny Dubey wrote:

> It does *NOT* act like a usb mass storage device.  You need extra crap to make
> it work like a storage device.  (all the extra software is OSS and works very
> well with the *BSDs)
> At least I for one expect to pop in my $mp3-player and have it act like a usb
> mass storage device without any human intervention at all.

Or a firewire drive. :)  Ever since Apple introduced me to firewire, I've 
put $15 Firewire cards in most of my home *BSD boxes.  Works very well, 
and is faster than USB 2.0 on sustained transfers.  Also less CPU 
overhead...  I've been really impressed with FreeBSD's firewire support, 
it's been pretty much glitch-free for me.


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