[nycbug-talk] BSDCan 2005

Dan Langille dan
Sat Nov 20 14:27:53 EST 2004

On 20 Nov 2004 at 14:03, G. Rosamond wrote:

> On Nov 20, 2004, at 1:04 PM, Dan Langille wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > Has someone been talking about BSDCan?  Over the past few days,
> > there's been a burst of subscriptions to the BSDCan announcement list
> >  ;)
> Where is your stat page?  I know I mention you and BSDCan 
> parenthetically on a regular basis in DN EZine. . . the last time with 
> the Kirk/Eric meeting . . . my articles are always full of urls. . .

Yeah baby...  ;)

I'm offline as I type this, so I can't check the URL for the BSDCan 
stats.  I'll check later.

> > The dates for the conference proper will be 13-14 May 2005 (always
> > the Friday and Saturday after Mother's Day).
> >
> > BTW: It looks like at least one project may holding a developer
> > summit at BSDCan.  If any groups want to use the conference as a
> > venue for their summit, they are welcome to it.  We can provide
> > space.
> >
> I think this conference will be critical.  Those who went last year 
> were taking a chance to some extent.  There was no history to it.  Now 
> people know it's a real and great conference.

Yeah, if nobody turns up, it's dead.  Mind up, that applied last year 
too.  ;)

> For the next conference, we should be pulling a lot more people. . 
> .There should be no reason why 20 or so people don't go from NYC.

That sounds good.  Keep spreading the word.  :)  I've been to NYC 
three times in the past year.  It's time you folks came here again!

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