[nycbug-talk] Security alerts to the list, good idea or waste of time?

Scott Robbins scottro
Sun Nov 21 17:32:33 EST 2004

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As most if not all of you know, there was a recent vulnerablity in the
fetch program, announced the 18th.  I had a completely hectic day that
day, and didn't check some of the sites I usually check, therefore, I
didn't know about this vulnerabilty till the next day.

In this case, no production boxes were fetching anything, but of course,
they could have been for whatever reason.

I wonder if you folks think it's a good idea that vulnerabilities get
posted to this list, perhaps with security alert in the subject line.  I
don't always read each item in my nycbug mailbox, but such a subject
line would catch my attention.

So, what do you folks think?  Is this just filling up people's mailboxes
with something that we should all be checking ourselves, anyway, at
least in a perfect world?

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Scott Robbins

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