[nycbug-talk] Data Recovery options?

Kevin Reiter tux
Sat Oct 2 21:34:22 EDT 2004

: This isn't a client's HD, it's personal, so price is certainly a
: factor
: here. :)  I've gotten wildly disparate quotes from $200 to allmost
: $2000.

I do data recovery, but only on drives that are able to spin up.  I've
learned a few tricks over the years, and oddly, one thing I've had great
luck with is something that sounds really weird - wrap the drive in a static
bag, then again with seran wrap, then stick it in the freezer for about
30-60 minutes.  Usually, after it's been on cold storage (pun intended) for
about an hour, it'll spin up for a little while after sticking it in a
machine - long enough to pull critical data from it.  (no charge for that
bit of advice :)

If that doesn't work, then you're probably not going to have much choice
about having someone like Ontrack take a look at it.  If it goes that route,
call me first, since I can get you a break with Ontrack (I'm a partner) and
save you a few bucks.


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