[nycbug-talk] Net SNMP question

Steve Rieger steve.rieger
Tue Oct 5 13:17:56 EDT 2004

I need to get net-snmp with the perl modules,

There are a few ways, source. /ports/net-mgmt.net-snmp5 and then
ports/net-mgmt/p5-net-snmp, I would like to install from ports, but my ports
for p5-net-snmp tels me that I need perl greater than 5.6 , I have 5.8.5
from ports and 5.00503 as base. Am runing fbsd 4.10,
Is this an use.perl ports issue, or am I missing something here

>From what you guys have been through what is the best advise...

Steve Rieger
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Cell 646-335-8915
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