[nycbug-talk] meeting update. . .

matador-gtabug at matadorsplace.com matador-gtabug
Fri Oct 8 16:30:12 EDT 2004

Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

As a user of qmail, I wish I could bring Dan Berstein to the forum as
well.  And let them duke it out.

I'd pay to see that !

Go qmail !

Someone ask Mr. Allman why sendmail.cf is so long/crazy ?

>From :

The sendmail.cf has long been renowned for sending system administrators
away fleeing in panic.

Because sendmail has to read this file to find it's configuration every
time it is invoked, the design of the file emphasizes easy computer
parsing, rather than human sanity. So, it's not the easiest thing in the
world to read and understand. Just take a look at it on any system; it has
traditionally been described as looking like an explosion in a punctuation

I don't want to get into mail wars, hehehe, sorry.

Everyone have a great Columbus Day !

We in Canada call it "Thanksgiving".  You guys have that in November.

--Matador (from GTABUG - Greater Toronto Area BSD Users Group)

> Another bit about next week's meeting. . .
> We will not only have Kirk speaking on BSD history, but also Eric
> Allman, the creator of Sendmail, will be speaking about the sender id
> controversy.
> More details will be available on the www site and the flier, which we
> hope people will be able to distribute widely. . .
> g

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