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G. Rosamond george
Fri Oct 8 23:30:48 EDT 2004

On Oct 8, 2004, at 4:30 PM, matador-gtabug at matadorsplace.com wrote:

> Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
> As a user of qmail, I wish I could bring Dan Berstein to the forum as
> well.  And let them duke it out.
> I'd pay to see that !
> Go qmail !
> Someone ask Mr. Allman why sendmail.cf is so long/crazy ?

(i have spent hours fighting through the cf file several years back, 
and at no moment enjoyed it.  sometimes you *have* to on specific 

this has been adequately answered. . . . but you should hear Eric's 
answers. . .

blunt and to the point. . .at USENIX, his answers were uncharacteristic 
for a developer. . .

"i don't know, they don't let me touch the code anymore"

Self-deprecating and funny from someone, unlike DJB, whose mta *still* 
pushes most of the mail on the internet, as it has for decades. . . 
give me that over arrogance and software that hasn't progressed from 
1.03 (or whatever qmail is at now). . .Eric is truly entertaining to 
listen to, and his technical history is obviously brilliant.

I truly am looking forward to his talk on sender id and the ietf 
debates. . .he has been in the trenches on this. . .

>> From :
> http://www.uwsg.iu.edu/usail/mail/configuration/
> --BEGIN--
> The sendmail.cf has long been renowned for sending system 
> administrators
> away fleeing in panic.
> Because sendmail has to read this file to find it's configuration every
> time it is invoked, the design of the file emphasizes easy computer
> parsing, rather than human sanity. So, it's not the easiest thing in 
> the
> world to read and understand. Just take a look at it on any system; it 
> has
> traditionally been described as looking like an explosion in a 
> punctuation
> factory.
> --END--
> I don't want to get into mail wars, hehehe, sorry.
> Everyone have a great Columbus Day !
> We in Canada call it "Thanksgiving".  You guys have that in November.
> --Matador (from GTABUG - Greater Toronto Area BSD Users Group)
>> Another bit about next week's meeting. . .
>> We will not only have Kirk speaking on BSD history, but also Eric
>> Allman, the creator of Sendmail, will be speaking about the sender id
>> controversy.
>> More details will be available on the www site and the flier, which we
>> hope people will be able to distribute widely. . .
>> g
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