[nycbug-talk] Eric Allman/Kirk McKusick meeting this Saturday

Daniel Krook krook
Tue Oct 12 19:39:05 EDT 2004

> Is parking a serious pain up 
> around Columbia? 

It can be, but I lived on 118th between Amsterdam and Morningside drive 
until May of this year and didn't have much trouble finding a spot for my 
truck very often.

>From the West Side Highway going south, get off at 125th, then continue 
straight past Fairway till the stop sign before the on ramp.  Take a left 
and continue straight onto 125th street, then take a right onto Amsterdam 
Ave heading south.   Take a left onto 118th  (just before the Law School 
overpass) and troll there, or continue on to take a left on onto 
Morningside and then another left onto 119th.   You're pretty much 
guaranteed to find a spot quick by circling that block.  From there it's a 
five minute walk to the center of campus. 

Good luck.

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