[nycbug-talk] Couple a questions

Steve Rieger steve.rieger
Thu Oct 14 10:33:20 EDT 2004

This is a bit long and contains many different topics, so I apologize if I
got you thinking too hard.....

Am currently replicating mysql, and using freevrpd to have failover, the
primary mysql server created the bin files that grow quite large, (there are
about 20 db's and 4 are very intensive with a lot of transactions) in the
past 24 hours the files grew to 41 MG's is there a way to do a logrotate on
this, and how.

For security reasons I want to save the command histories of all my users to
a file that they can not edit, if I were to change the permissions on the
.profile to read only how would I tell the shell to save all the commands
and not only the last 100, how would I tell the sh to save the history to a
protected file.

Does anybody know of an external sata drive that has raid capabilities and
can be connected to 2 servers at the same time that works with freebsd 4.10

Am in the process of setting up rsync to mirror my primary box to the
failover, problem I have is that rsync does not have read permissions (on
the master server) on some files that I want to rsync, namely the mysql
databases, and some .htaccess etc... files, how can I get around this

Is there a better way of mirroring /usr/local/www, /var/db/mysql, and a few
other dir, betwix two servers.

Thanx for reading hope y'all (spent some time in alabama, (ex- military))
have a great day
Steve Rieger
Ext; 1131
Cell 646-335-8915
DC 173*101254*4

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