[nycbug-talk] good explanation of BSD license

Okan Demirmen okan
Fri Oct 15 08:58:55 EDT 2004

On Wed 2004.10.13 at 14:41 -0400, Dru wrote:
> I'm looking for a good URL explaining the benefits of the BSD license for 
> those who are unfamiliar with it. So far I've found this so-so 
> explanation:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_and_GPL_licensing
> Anyone aware of a better URL to either an explanation of the differences 
> between the two licenses or a whitepaper touting the benefits of the BSD 
> license? My audience will be government and mostly non-technical.

This is a link I keep around for a few reasons:


The rest of the site has plenty of other stuff.

Hope you can find something useful...


> Dru
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