[nycbug-talk] WiFi PCMCIA Cards on FreeBSD

Rick Aliwalas rick
Fri Oct 15 09:39:23 EDT 2004

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Dru wrote:

> Does anyone know if this is true for 4.10? I had fun this week trying to 
> find _any_ of the wireless models mentioned in "man wi". They all appear 
> to be about 3 years old and no longer sold (not in Canada anyways). Before I 
> RTFMd and printed out the list of models, I had made the mistake of just 
> picking up a Dlink (3 revisions higher than the model # listed in the manpage).

Beware of the Dlink's they changed chipsets from one rev to another and
you can never find out which rev you're getting till you actually look at
the card.

The Netgate cards work really well with OpenBSD/wi.  I challenge you to find
any other vendor who puts *BSD support on their web site.  They use the Prism
chipset so you can create a host-based access point.  Plus, they have 200mW
of transmit power.  I've found most cards to be 50mW-100mw range.  If your
coffee gets cold, just put it next to a running card and the microwaves will
heat it back up ;)



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