[nycbug-talk] Rob Pike Slashdot Interview

Isaac Levy ike
Mon Oct 18 17:03:55 EDT 2004

On Oct 18, 2004, at 4:40 PM, csnyder wrote:

> Intriguing -- I thought one of the big takeways was the Unix Room at
> Bell Labs, where development happened because programmers weren't
> isolated in their own offices.

Heck yeah- been missing this kind of thing for a while.  I work alone 
99% of the time, being self-employed, so I envy the idea of being 
around people...  (and being at the wifi cafe in my neighborhood, even 
though half the crowd is on a laptop, doesn't necessarily mean that 
anyone else is hacking anything at all- (mostly folks doing their mail, 
writing in word processors, surfing the broadband net, etc, and I'm the 
freak in the corner who catches folks staring blankly at my screen full 
of shells).

I'd really love to carve out someplace to congregate ad-hock regularly 
and work around other indie folks... (or even just folks who can 
untether from the cubicle), and work on actual work stuff, or other 
stuff...  But focus would be to casually go about whatever work one is 
doing.  Not like an installfest, where the focus is to learn very 
directly, but to just do one's work and hang out 'around the coffee 
machine', metaphorically.


I'm kindof thinking out loud here, but I do have a sweet amount of 
space here in williamsburg, it would be fun to host some open hacking 
workdays... (wifi, coffee, ashtrays, and an ok stereo... [which could 
turn into beer into the evening] <g>)

Would anyone really care to schlep out here?  Or does anyone have any 
better ideas?  Should I find a couch for my office? :)

'Brooklyn Labs'?  (er, sorry Gman, I mean 'Villiamsburg Labs')


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