[nycbug-talk] thank-you gift for Kirk Mckusick and Eric Allman

Isaac Levy ike
Tue Oct 19 11:10:00 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

Saturday's special meeting was awesome, great turnout- great lectures.   
Since I was helping out, I'm charged with putting together a little  
ad-hock thank-you package for Kirk and Eric.  Since they are avid wine  



an idea came up to take a small collection for a bottle, and send them  
a bottle of wine as a NYC*BUG thank-you, and I've taken the ball to  
make it happen.

I'm taking donations, and I'll be spending every dime received on the  
package, including shipping to California.  I'll spend any spare change  
on chocolates or something to throw in.  There's a great wine/liquor  
store in my neighborhood where I'll get proper assistance to pick a  
good wine.

*Don't feel obliged, this is just a fun little thank you for these guys  
taking time out of their trip.

Below is a link to my personal PayPal account, I'll suggest $5.00, but  
feel free to toss in more- (better wine?).

Deadline/cutoff is Wedsday Night, (Tomorrow!), I'll be buying it  



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