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Tue Oct 19 20:39:12 EDT 2004

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> On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 07:35:37PM -0400, G. Rosamond wrote:
>> if i get some positive comments here, i will submit to the nycbug site.
>>  There's nothing wrong with us putting up pieces like this in our
>> library section, IMHO.
>> yes, i write compulsively and i did not even reread this.
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>> I hold the frustration many others have with the recent
>> osOpinion/osViews article that recently ran titled "The State of Demon
>> (sic) Address" by Paul Webb.  What "demon" he refers to is a mystery:
>> he must be referring to the "daemon" logo of the BSDs and more
>> generally with the "daemon" of processes on a UNIX box.
> George while I like many of your points, my impression is that by
> reacting so angrily, we almost make ourselves look bad.  For instance,
> the Demon could have easily been a typo--if the gentleman is familiar
> with Linux, he probably knows that.
> This is just my impression and my impression only.  Perhaps it comes
> with getting old.  :-(
> ~I~ think that a calmer article, making many of the same points, would
> be a better way to go.
> Yet, this may simply be because I'm old and feeble.

i've just read george's post and the article and i can honestly agree w/
like %90 of what george is saying here.  having said that, i don't think
we should put up his review - or any direct review - of this article up on
our site.  what i think we should do is to write our own review of the
*BSDs on the site, maybe in a similar vein as Paul but done properly.  i
think that should be our response to this piece of flame bait, and
hopefully it will also open other people's eyes to that what's going on.

(i think i may even start working on an outline for fbsd now)

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