[nycbug-talk] did you guys know this?

Tillman Hodgson tillman
Wed Oct 20 10:09:20 EDT 2004

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 11:09:41PM -0400, Scott Robbins wrote:
> Seems that 5.3 is up to stable--I had thought it would be RC1, but did
> a buildworld and got stable. 

Yeah, I saw that in the "cvs-src summary for October 11-18" email:

Notable changes
RELENG_5_3 moves into RC, RELENG_5 becomes -STABLE
Scott Long (scottl) created the RELENG_5_3 branch, moving 5.3 from beta to
Release Candidate status.  At the same time, he made the RELENG_5 branch
into the new -STABLE.


I guess I should start planning my migrations. Most of them are of the
"install 5.3 on a new machines and replace an existing RELENG_4 machine
with it", cascade and repeat variety. I've got one box with mor SCSI
devices than I can count that's heavily vinum dependent (now gvinum, I
guess) that I'm dreading converting. It might live as RELENG_4 for
another year or so.

> Quick note--for anyone intending to do a portupgrade of openoffice to
> 1.1.4--cvsup your ports if you haven't since last night.  A bug was
> discovered by (modest cough) me in a patch--sent a quick email to the
> maintainer, who sent a patch for the patch, and shortly afterwards,
> another fellow who I guess is another maintainer sent an apologetic
> email--apparently a mistype on his part--and it is now fixed.

You know, I still don't have a machine beefy enough to build OO.org[1],
and http://projects.imp.ch/openoffice/ still has 1.1.0_1 as the most
recent package set. Any chance you have packages suitable for 4-STABLE
kicking around on an FTP site?

> So see Tillman, it's a good thing I drink all that caffeine, or it
> might still be broken.  :)

LOL! And you were only up until 11, so it seems you avoided the usual
side-effects ;-)

> So, take ~that~ OSviews.  (see, note how I cleverly brought it back to
> the original--oh, never mind, that was the other thread of the night)
> Ok, I'll stop now.

See, with a bit more caffeine you might've keep on truckin' *grin*.


1. Of course, I tend to collect older hardware so "beefy" is definitely
   relative in this case. http://www.seekingfire.com/projects/e3hardware/

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