[nycbug-talk] how to test dying disks?

Isaac Levy ike
Wed Oct 20 14:17:15 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I've got a new one for myself here, and am shouting out for a url or 
somesuch to point me in the right direction.  It's low priority here, 
this is for personal fun...

I've got a fistfull of failing drives here.  I'm not sure exactly how 
to properly diagnose the broken drives, and don't want to trash the 
ones which are still funcitoning- but I'm even having problems booting 
with the drives plugged in (disk geometry crapola).

Does anyone know any good shell utilities to diagnose and help me sort 
out which drives are good and bad, any BSD os?  Looking for something 
which justifies the time spent doing this over just purchasing some new 

Perhaps tools I can use after booting from CD?  (btw, I'm stumped as 
I've grown up in the Mac world of drive repair, always simple and 
intuitive gui tools for this kind of thing when I need it...)


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