[nycbug-talk] how to test dying disks?

Kevin Reiter tux
Wed Oct 20 14:41:48 EDT 2004

: Does anyone know any good shell utilities to diagnose and help me sort
: out which drives are good and bad, any BSD os?  Looking for something
: which justifies the time spent doing this over just purchasing some new
: drives...

Years ago I used to use Norton Utilities, but I don't think you can get it
unless you buy the super-duper-high-dollar package it comes with now that's
a huge POS IMHO - Norton SystemWorks.  I might still have a copy here I can
.zip of .iso for ya..

: Perhaps tools I can use after booting from CD?  (btw, I'm stumped as
: I've grown up in the Mac world of drive repair, always simple and
: intuitive gui tools for this kind of thing when I need it...)

Try looking here:  http://www.sysresccd.org/

Some pretty good tools all on 1 bootable CD.  I particularly like the
partimaged tool..

Let me know if you want more, 'cuz I've got Ton-O-Stuff(tm)  :)


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