[nycbug-talk] laptops and projectors

Dru dlavigne6
Wed Oct 20 20:36:31 EDT 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Dru wrote:

> On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 pete at nomadlogic.org wrote:
>>> Anyone know the answer to this one? The projector at GTEC (plugs into
>>> video port of laptop) wouldn't display my laptop screen. The guy said that
>>> Debian laptops have the same problem. We had to put my slides on his
>>> RedHat laptop instead.
>>> It's obviously not hardware as we both had Thinkpads. Anyone know if
>>> there's some sort of kernel option I need to compile into my kernel? Or is
>>> there some sort of driver needed that BSD doesn't support?
>> assuming you both have the same model, or atleast video chipset, you may
>> want to try copying the working XFree86-4 config file to the target
>> machine.  I'm willing to bet it's something with the X config and not the
>> video card, or I/O port, itself.  Altho I could be completely wrong, which
>> despite my last name, is often the case ;)
> Hmmm. Even the startup messages didn't display. They did on other laptops 
> running Suse, 2000, Redhat, etc. The guy said he thought it was because it 
> was an older projector. I'm just wondering if I'll hit the same issue in 
> Germany.

Got it. It's a CMOS setting. Go to Display->Boot Display Device, choose 
Both (as opposed to LCD or CRT).


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