[nycbug-talk] Holiday Party

G. Rosamond george
Thu Oct 21 14:48:29 EDT 2004

We are going to be co-sponsoring a holiday party with New York PHP this 
December 15th.

It looks like it could be an enormous event, as the New York Linux User 
Group, LESMUUG and others are joining in the efforts.  This could 
potentially become an annual event.

We are on the verge of getting a number of significant corporate 
backers for the event, including publishers, software vendors, etc.

We are looking to rent a space either at a hotel or a bar, and 
depending on corporate sponsors, we hope to have at least a couple of 
drinks free per person.

Within a week or two, there will be a site up to do RSVPs.  For this 
event, we encourage all to bring their significant others and 

If anyone needs a copy of the corporate/user group invite, please email 
me off list, and I can send it.  It will also be available on the event 
www site.

I would also recommend that we cancel our December monthly meeting, as 
the other groups are doing, so that we can focus attention to this 

Be sure to keep December 15th open.  It should be an awesome event, and 
hopefully the first step in getting the New York City user groups to do 
more joint events.


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