[nycbug-talk] Holiday Party

Josh McCormack joshmccormack
Thu Oct 21 15:22:51 EDT 2004

G. Rosamond wrote:

> We are going to be co-sponsoring a holiday party with New York PHP this 
> December 15th.
> It looks like it could be an enormous event, as the New York Linux User 
> Group, LESMUUG and others are joining in the efforts.  This could 
> potentially become an annual event.

It's an exciting era in the Berkeley Software Distribution party world.

The FreeBSD folks, confused and timid from multiple branches of their OS 
may not make it.

The netBSD people are too insecure and useless to make it, though the 
party will be based on their port of a previous party.

The OpenBSD guys and gals will likely not make in the door, do to 
embarrassing explosions of vitriol. Parties are warned to avoid them in 
the parking lot.

The Darwin elite are already working on next years party, which might 
work well for Gentoo-ists from the NYLUG, who started preparing for this 
years party last month and will be set with the most up to date part 
ever some time in late January. The rest of the NYLUG may only be 
attending in emulation.

Otherwise, should be a great time for all.


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