[nycbug-talk] OT: ISP for T1 in NYC

mikel king mikel.king
Fri Oct 22 23:14:14 EDT 2004

Francisco Reyes wrote:

>> T1 anywhere in Manhattan 425$, anywhere in 5 boroughs 475$/month, 1 year
>> term, 0 setup.
> Besides setup cost how does your service compares to

    Where are you located because that is very important in pricing out 
a t1, sure you can be quoted $x for a t1, but the nasty tasting local 
loop charge that Verizon slaps on is based upon the distance between you 
and the destination. On a side note it is worth mentioning; it is 
extremely rare to be within the zero mile designation...but I have seen 
as recently as a week ago...a customer got a t1 from us for under 4 
bills...but that is only because they had basically no local loop.

    Additionally mttr actually means mean time to respond. Verizon has a 
4 hour window to respond to your call regarding a downed t1, not repair 
it. I can also tell you for certain a dsl line is treated no differently 
than a pots line. Verizon has absolutely no guarantee as to how long it 
will take to repair you downed circuit in either case. For instance if 
ConEd is digging in the street and rips out a 20-30 foot section of t3, 
in front of your building. I can guarantee you will not be back up 
within 24 hours let alone 4, no matter what you SLA with your ISP says.

    I've been doing this 18 years, so trust me on this one if you are 
that concerned about being down you'd better have a backup, and one that 
does not run through the same mux as your primary. You'd better be 
willing to pay extra for it as well. One example a from last year. The 
building a client of mine was in had their basement flooded, because of 
construct that was happening in the building next door. The big problem 
was that it wasn't a water main that they broke. It was the sewage main, 
nothing quite says how much the sh*t hit the fan that day. But after 
seeing the mux waste deep in sewer water...It too over 2 weeks for that 
building to get ALL of their circuits repaired. And do you know what 
Verizon gave the companies that were down. Nothing. The Construction 
company in the next building did finally end up paying Verizon for the 
damaged equipment but the 40 or so floors of offices in that building got...

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