[nycbug-talk] MirOS

Dave Steinberg dave-dated-1099183064.066131
Sat Oct 23 20:38:18 EDT 2004

> Have any of you guys either heard of this project or tried it out 
> before?
> http://mirbsd.bsdadvocacy.org

I have never actually tried MirOS, but I've had semiregular 
communications with the project leader, Thorsten Glaser, for some time. 
  He's no doubt a smart guy, and my understanding is that he puts 
together a very good system.  He's also quite friendly, and easy to 
talk to.

MirOS is still largely OpenBSD plus some things and minus some others, 
but its probably at the point where the system has a distinct feel (at 
least from reading the CVS logs) - though again I can't speak from 
experience.  Also there's nothing wrong with that - and such a 
statement shouldn't diminish the work he and others have put into their 
system.  It's a massive effort just to follow another project.

Most of the work that goes into MirBSD is userland, at least at this 
point, though Thorsten does occasionally tweak stuff in the kernel.  He 
also does a couple of things that I think OpenBSD should - like 
enabling softdep by default and skipping the fsck on bootup on a 
softdep enabled filesystem.

Dave Steinberg

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