[nycbug-talk] email hosting needed...

Francisco Reyes lists
Tue Oct 26 17:04:16 EDT 2004

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Trish Lynch wrote:

> my company is looking at a place to host about 5 email delivery (POP/IMAP)
> boxes for a small sister company

You looking to collocate 5 machines or just to handle the mail?

I use http://hub.org for all my hosting. Their pricing structure works 
great for hosting email. You get a VM and pay for disk/usage. You 
configure all the email accounts you want.

If you need the machines collocated..
At one point I was talking to http://addy.com about collocating some boxes 
with them and they seem like were willing to do it for a good price. I 
have used them for nearly 10 years for hosting and mail. Also had a 
dedicated machine once with them.

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